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We are the first of our kind. Created to serve an extraordinary kind of person.


We help organize and manage your life by surrounding you with a team of experts dedicated to meet your unique needs as an athlete, executive, or entertainer.

We simplify complexity and expand what’s possible through a Personal Office® approach. And as your needs expand so does our team, because extraordinary is what we do. 

Welcome to your own Personal Office.

Your eyes are on your next game, your next gig, your next project. That’s why NorthRock X created the Personal Office—to surround you with a trusted team of advisors dedicated to providing expert guidance, customized services, and bespoke lifestyle management tools, able to meet your needs.

We bring your world into focus, so you can focus on what’s next.

Master Your Craft

Performance optimized.

There are more demands on you than ever before. To master your craft you have to pay attention to every detail. We are equipped to help you manage everything from skills development to your mental health and wellbeing — giving you the edge you need to be at your best today and for the rest of your career.

Financial Management

Every decision is a big decision.

You’ve made it to the pinnacle of your career and with that kind of success comes money. You deserve to enjoy all that money brings, but you must be smart about it. We’ll put your money to work—from major investments to mortgages, charitable giving and family financial management. We’re here to help you live the life you’ve envisioned.

Business of You

You did what it took to make it here. We’ll do what it takes to keep you here.

Being an athlete, executive, or entertainer today means you’re also a brand and a business. And every successful business requires expert planning.

At NorthRock X, we surround you with a team to help you protect your brand, your business, and your money. That means surrounding you with experienced professionals capable of helping you with everything from brand management to community engagement and more.

Everything is designed to work with you and for you.

Personal Support

Simplifying Complexity.

Every person has their own unique needs. Our team is here to support yours. From family support to relocation services, we’re here to take care of the details so you can focus on what is next.

Your Personal Office®

Mastering Your Craft

Performance Data & Analysis

Peer-to-Peer Veteran Mentoring

Private Training

Strength & Conditioning

Player Development

Diet & Nutrition

Mental Health & Wellness

Financial Management

Insurance Management

Estate Planning


Bill Payment

Identity & Credit Protection

Tax Management

Private Investing

Investment Advisory

Lending & Credit

Charitable & Foundation Management

Business of You

Youth Programs & Camps

Branding, PR, & Marketing

Legal Support

Community Engagement

Partnership Due Diligence


Social Media

Career Mapping

Team Ownership

League Benefits

Business Interests Oversight

Employee Contracts

Personal Support

Family Support

Travel Management

Technology Support

Concierge Services

Relocation Services

Personal Security

Property Management

Personal Assistance

NorthRock X Leadership

ROB NELSON, CEO & Founder | TONY PARKER, Founding Partner | AARON RYAN, President, NorthRock X

Multiple Locations. One Personal Office.









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